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General Questions:

Can I visit Governors Island in the off-season?
Probably not. Only those doing business with organizations located on Governors Island are permitted to visit the Island in the off-season. All visitors must be accompanied by Island staff. 

What can’t I bring to the Island?
The following items/activities are not allowed on Governors Island: dogs, alcohol, weapons, grilling, motorized bikes or vehicles, and illicit substances. Smoking is not allowed on Governors Island. Catch and release fishing is allowed for persons over 16 years of age who hold a valid fishing license. All packages and visitors are subject to search.

Are there any lockers or storage space where I can leave my belongings for the day?
No. You will need to keep all personal items with you. Governors Island staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Is there a lost and found on Governors Island?
The security desk at Soissons Landing holds any found items.

Future of Governors Island:

Are they building permanent residences on the island?
No, the original deed from the federal government to the City restricts uses including permanent market rate residential, power plants, parking and casinos. Anyone living on the island would have to be auxiliary to a permitted use, for example artists residences, dormitories or hotels. Likely development will be for artists, non-profits, academic buildings, etc.

When will construction be completed/When will the southern half of the Island be open?
Phase I is complete. Phase II, which includes the Hills, will be complete by 2016. For more details visit the Trust for Governors Island.

For more information about the future development of Governors Island, please click here. 

Activities on the Island:

For a calendar of events, updated daily during the season, please click here.  


Can I bring my car to Governors Island?
Nope. Visitors are not permitted to bring their cars on the Governors Island ferry. We try to keep the Island as car-free as possible; that's part of what makes the Island so unique!

Can I rent a bike on the Island, or bring a Citibike?
Yes, there is a bike rental concession on Governors Island for renting single, double, tandem and kid’s bikes. Citibikes are also totally cool – In 2015  docking stations came to the Island for the first time.

Can I rent/use one of the golf carts on the Island?
Nope, sorry. Golf carts are for Governors Island staff use only.

Is there a tram on the Island?
Nope, sorry. There are no trams available for visitor use. 


For all questions related to permitting and development, please contact the Trust for Governors Island. 


If you did not find your question here or would like more information, please visit The Trust for Governors Island or Governors Island National Monument NPS or send us an email at info@governorsislandalliance.org