The Friends of Governors Island is the independent nonprofit that supports Governors Island with volunteers, financial resources and advocacy.


  • Work in partnership with the Trust for Governors Island and the National Park Service
  • Run the Island’s volunteer and membership programs
  • Raise money to supplement public funding for the Island
  • Act as the Island’s champion at City Hall and the nation’s capital

The Friends invites you to lend your voice, time and financial contributions to ensure that Governors Island remains a vibrant shared space for all.

our success:

  • 110 acres of green parks and public spaces open to the public during the summer months from May to September -- now with expanded public access -- 7 days a week!
  • Public-oriented uses like the New York Harbor School are reviatalizing the island and its historic buildings
  • The landscaped grounds and homes in the Island's extraordinary 93-acre National Landmark Historic District are permanently protected
  • More than 1 million visitors from every borough have enjoyed the Island as a free recreational open space since the Island's first public season in 2004.